Payment Systems of FL Worker's Compensation

Worker's Compensation
Payroll and Workers compensation go together like peanut butter and jelly. At PaySys we provide multiple workers compensation options through many of our partners that allow you to be set up on a Pay as you go program. PaySys will make sure that your payroll data is provided to your workers compensation carrier when required and that payment is made to your carrier via an ACH Debit.

Worker's Compensation

Workers Compensation Claim Concept
Coverage available for companies with as few as 1 employee.
Pay-Go helps minimize your audit pains by knowing that you will not be hit with large amounts of money to pay at the end of the year. This process allows you to pay exactly what you owe to your carrier each pay cycle based actual payroll figures. No more and no less means no year-end audit surprises. Pay-Go also eliminates the hefty down payments and writing separate premium checks to the insurance company through the year. It’s one less item that you should worry about each month and end of year.
  • No Down Payment
  • Pay on actual payroll processed
  • Superior Loss Control and Customized Safety Programs
  • On-Line Certificate of Insurance Requests
  • Officer Exemptions
  • FCAP Reporting
  • MOD Review